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    Our planet needs a superhero who can save it from extinction. It can be You! Climate of the Future is your chance to do something very important and useful for all mankind.

    Every year, the number of waste increases, and not only their volume increase but also their composition becomes much more complex. The world's oceans can no longer cope with so much. People complain, animals suffer and die, nothing changes ... The planet Earth is literally mired in garbage and exhaust fumes. To clear it of all this is possible only with the help of cataclysms. Create the necessary conditions for their appearance and try to clear the Earth, giving it another chance to live.

    The main task is to build up the cataclysms. Only in this way will you be able to fulfill your destiny, and the planet will not be torn to pieces. The game will be very interesting for children because it helps them understand how our planet works and what needs to be done to save it from pollution and extinction of species!
    Download and install Climate of the Future and feel yourself a superhero! Start with a first level and move on to hard challenges, overcoming everything in your path. Save the planet and get prizes for the top 3 ranked players at the end of each month!

    See More: Download Climate of the future Game!

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    Re: Download Climate of the future Game!

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    Re: Download Climate of the future Game!

    In principle, you can use this option

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