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    I will be selling a car locally for a decent amount (over $10k). Next to cash, what is the best way to get paid without getting scammed? I have never sold a car for more than a couple grand before and that was a long time ago when being scammed wasn't a big problem then.

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    Re: Best Transaction

    Nice. Suitable for me.

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    Re: Best Transaction

    I have seen this and more than once because, in my case, I need a more secure way to transact my money. Part of it has to do with taxes and overdue payments, which paystubs help me deal with. This is precisely what I was looking for during the quarantine period because the need for such paystubs has increased dramatically not only in the states but also across the ocean. I saw the stats and the numbers were not at all pleasant. That is why it is essential for me to use only the most necessary tools.

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