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    in other news hackers have hacked into t-mobiles servers and stolen the personal details of anywhere from 49million to 100million customers depending on which source you believe. those who have t-mobile would be advised to get in touch with their t-mobile rep and possibly any other pertinent institutions as well as change their passwords.

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    Re: t-mobile hacked personal data stolen!

    Something like this is happening more and more often. I see some kind of a catch here to be honest. But it is not surprising. Hackers can hack and then immediately run to the black market. That's why confidentiality is important. After hackers hacked into my business I became so paranoid. It got to the point where I started using free phone numbers for verification to protect myself. What if they found out something through my personal phone number. Ta and plus this temporary helps to avoid the various spam and incomprehensible sms. So I'm not surprised that they had a data breach.

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    Re: t-mobile hacked personal data stolen!

    Thanks for the safety. Now I know a lot about temporary phone numbers. They are very convenient to use. And they're also free.

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