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    all online dating sites are potentially dangerous. a copper friend told me that up to 70% of men on dating sites are offenders. pretty shocking.

    just use good judgement. never give anyone personal information until after you meet up with them and they seem normal enough. try and get their full name and do a background check on them, or ask police to run a check to see if they have a history - police should do this if you request.

    See More: Is OurTime a good dating website?

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    Re: Is OurTime a good dating website?

    I was always feeling really lonely and my friend recommended me a really great website, like where I can easily communicate with people from all over the world. I personally think that it is a great opportunity to find your soulmate and to have a lot of fun together!

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    Re: Is OurTime a good dating website?

    How can I understand you myself a year ago I was in search and came across an excellent dating site very user-friendly interface and nice design, no glitches. I can tell you that there are many nice people there, I met my current wife and best friend there. You should try it!

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    Re: Is OurTime a good dating website?

    Hey everyone, how are you doing today? All girls like flowers, I think, except Asians. They're pretty neutral about it. I like dating belarusian women , and now I'm using this new dating app for them and flirting with a lot of hot chicks there. They prefer to eat good food other than flowers, I'm serious!

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