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    As an avid fan of the great sport of Boxing I was awe struck on the unprofessionalism that was displayed by the so-called announcers the covers the Canelo and Bivol fight. These announces had very little knowledge regarding the sport of boxing, eating, and cursing on camera is so unprofessional. I have purchased many pay per view events in the past so I have witnessed a variety of announcers both good and bad but these announcers are the worst. The DAZN platform has ruined the great sport of boxing, the streaming was unstable the sound quality can be compared to an old C rated movie. I had to turn the volume to the highest level to hear the unprofessional announcers and fight. It breaks my heart to say this, but I will never purchase any type of event from DAZN.

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    Re: A dissatisfied Boxing fan

    You've probably heard that differentiation is key in the world of video streaming services. The television company Dazn specializes in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). For US subscribers, it also offers live broadcasts of other sports such as cricket, darts and Japanese football, as well as some original sports shows. To subscribe to Dazn sports channels, you need to apply to the dazn customer service number. I would like to point out that Dazn's streaming performance is good too.

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    Re: A dissatisfied Boxing fan

    I hear ya.

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    Re: A dissatisfied Boxing fan

    Hello there! I noticed that this is an older forum post, but I wanted to chime in and offer my thoughts. I can understand your frustration with the announcers during the Canelo and Bivol fight. As for the DAZN platform, I'm sorry to hear that you experienced unstable streaming and poor sound quality. That can definitely take away from the enjoyment of watching a good fight. Btw, have you checked out any training equipment reviews lately? I've been looking into getting some new gear for my own workouts and have found it helpful to read up on what other people recommend. I hope you've found a better platform to watch boxing on since this post is from a while ago. Take care!

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    Re: A dissatisfied Boxing fan

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