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    Hello, today I will tell you about the ice cream museum and the platform where you can find all the information you need about the museum: tickets, opening hours, how to find, how long they have been working and stuff like that. This is a truly unique and convenient platform that will become your assistant in choosing a trip to a particular museum or entertainment. Save and enjoy!

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    Re: Travel platform

    Can you recommend any company for booking hotels and air tickets?

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    Re: Travel platform

    All this you can buy thanks to bookvip. This is a completely new service with fairly low prices. Just look at the review to get started . My friends have already used their services and were satisfied. So I can safely recommend it to you

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    Re: Travel platform

    Hello! I'm in Dubai right now and I'm insanely bored, what can I do?

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    Re: Travel platform

    Hello guys, recently I was in Dubai, and I strongly recommend that you pay attention not only to the beautiful city and cars, but also to parties, I have been to several and I really liked it, if you are in Dubai I recommend you to have a party, but in this one you the guys from corporate party entertainment will help, they did everything 10/10, I recommend it!

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    Re: Travel platform

    Thank you!

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