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    Hey guys, im currently taking 300ml of test and 400ml tren per week and was wondering if drinking on tren is really that bad for your health.. I like to have maybe 5 tall cans of beer when im out with the gf and was wondering if this would have negative impacts on my health while on tren.. any input is appreciated!

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    Re: Tren and Alcohol

    It sounds like you have suicidal and depressive thoughts. I suggest you go to a therapist and express all these feelings. If these thoughts bother you for more than two weeks, you have depression

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    Re: Tren and Alcohol

    I used to drink a lot and too much trend, just like you. But sometimes I got sick after that combination, so I can't advise you on that. Better yet, stop drinking alcohol altogether. I mean it. After I had a severe addiction, I advise everyone to do that. Better yet, don't drink more than a glass of champagne on special occasions. Otherwise you can get addicted, which leads to physical problems (hair loss, tooth decay, fat gain, metabolic problems, liver problems, etc.) and mental problems. I lost my desire to live a normal life, I was fired from my job, and my wife divorced me. Thanks to I am addiction free, but my life has changed. I hope you take this comment seriously

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