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    Just curious. I love Biolage shampoo and conditioner, and for styling sometimes I use this really nice oil stuff. Just a little bit. Or I use my all time favorite Sebastian Grease, just a little bit. They all work great, in my opinion. How about the rest of you? What do you like?

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    Re: What are your favorite hair products?

    For me, my hair is the most important feature of my appearance. I am convinced that beautiful hair and the right hairstyle can correct a lot of flaws in appearance, which is why I use this curly hair serum.
    Many of you know that curly hair is more difficult to care for than straight hair, and this serum helps me a lot in my care.
    If you also have curly hair, you should use this.

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    Re: What are your favorite hair products?

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    Which braids last longer, regular braids or knotless braids?

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    Re: Re: What are your favorite hair products?

    I know the answer to your question. Before you start braiding, be sure to untangle, wash and thoroughly condition your hair. Once you are done with the brushing and conditioning, you are all set to weave. Learn more about medium knotless braids by reading articles about the subject. I learned 35 different ways to braid knotless braids.

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