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    iím taking a break from weed to increase focus and motivation until i finish my honors thesis (iíve been sober for 20 days so far). the confusing and frustrating thing is that since i stopped smoking iíve been having these intense fatigue issues??? i have no problem getting to sleep at night, in fact i get a solid eight hours each night, but i feel tired during the day and have been uncontrollably napping for 2-3 hours every day. it sucks because my head is so sleepy/foggy and i canít concentrate on getting anything done. has anybody else experienced this and do you have any helpful advice for how i can get my energy back??? thanks heaps :red_heart:

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    Re: weed withdrawal chronic fatigue?

    I have almost the same symptoms. Going to the doctor is a done deal. But I would like to have some information platform before going to him. What can replace smoking pot?

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    Re: weed withdrawal chronic fatigue?

    Consultation with a doctor is necessary in any case. Because of today's crazy pace of life, many psychological breakdowns occur. The infrequent use of vape cartridges with HHCP distillate saves me from everyday life and fatigue. The main thing is not to get addicted to such products uncontrollably. It is always necessary to observe a measure. That's what your doctor will tell you. You also have to learn to distribute the load more or less evenly to avoid breakdowns.

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