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    Hi. I've been traveling a lot lately. So I download all the interesting movies and videos to watch on my Mac. But when I need to play videos in MP4 format, I get errors from time to time. Since I don't understand how to fix it on my player, I decided to find a new one, but that's easier said than done. I didn't even realize there were so many. And it's hard for me to choose because they all look okay. Maybe someone can recommend something to save me time?

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    Re: What media player do you use?

    Hi. Yes, of course, I have a good recommendation. Instead of searching for the pros and cons of each player by yourself, find an article with a review of best players for mac. Such articles usually already describe all the features and capabilities of the programs. And that way you don't have to deal with all the existing options. This is exactly what you need to solve your problems with MP4 playback on Mac. When I first found this information. tried all these players, but after a while, I stopped at only one and that is Elmedia Player. For me, this is the best player that works on this operating system.

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    Re: What media player do you use?

    Sometimes it annoys me so much when something doesn't work on my laptop. I'm sure a lot of people will understand that. But when I use Apple tech, I want everything to work perfectly. While forgetting that not all software is native to it. Eh. Nothing in this world is perfect.

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