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    What should you put on your resume so that your resume attracts the attention of the employer?
    What information should be emphasized and what information should be withheld?

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    Re: How to get an invitation for an interview?

    Imagine yourself as an employer. You are reviewing a candidate's resume. He states that he has the skills and competencies you are looking for. In addition, he has the necessary work experience. Everything seems to be fine. However, if the candidate can't emphasize his skills with relevant accomplishments, while other candidates willingly showcase their successes, citing specific results such as "increased customer loyalty by 15%," would you invite such a candidate to an interview? Probably not. And how many people don't know how to write a resume competently? So before you send a resume, make sure it's competently written. If not, sop writing consultants can help you. Professionals will be able to emphasize all your strengths and then you will have a much better chance of getting the job you want.

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    Re: How to get an invitation for an interview?

    It all depends on the specific situation. Choose achievements that will be understandable and important to a potential employer. Eliminate corporate jargon and abbreviations - your achievements and their significance should be extremely clear to any person.

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