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    I want to find a solution for my glass in a room divider. I am interested in the topic of mirrored film and the possibility of using them on the glass of my windows. What are the hidden problems and what are the positive and negative experiences with mirrored glass window film. Thank you for your opinions and options

    See More: Frosted films on windows.
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    Re: Frosted films on windows.

    I think it's a decent solution. With mirrored window films from you can achieve this without sacrificing brightness. In addition, the mirrored surface of these films reflects sunlight, reducing glare and heat transfer. This means you can enjoy a bright and well-lit space. It's important to pay attention to the 20% and 30% gradation of mirror films. Otherwise, it's the same as with window films
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    Re: Frosted films on windows.

    Courage and go for it. This has all been used in different places for a long time. Mirrored glass window film is a proven product and a very effective product. Many different suppliers and many representatives. I was more interested in being able to choose the right color of mirror film and match the color of my frames to my windows.

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    Re: Frosted films on windows.

    This is a great advice

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