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    I'm knee-deep in a Windows virtual camera project and could use some wisdom. Any devs out there who've tackled the intricacies of virtual camera development for Windows? What tools, libraries, or languages do you find most effective? And any tips on overcoming compatibility challenges across different Windows versions?

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    Re: Virtual Camera for Windows

    Navigating the realm of Windows virtual camera development can be quite a challenge. From personal experience, I've found that the development of virtual web cameras and virtual audio devices demands a nuanced approach, especially considering the diverse Windows environments. For an added edge, check out VEProf . Their track record in Swift/Objective-C, C++/QT/JUCE, and other technologies is impressive. They seem to have a knack for streamlining the intricate process, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across various Windows versions. And hey, if you find yourself at a coding crossroads, reaching out to VEProf might just be the ace up your sleeve.

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