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    i have a fg wilson genset max power output 15 kw connected to an offgrid SMA solar power system 16 kw capacity, there is two 8 kw inverters connected together.
    the generator is used to charge 24 lead carbon batteries on days with limited sun
    the system has worked without problems for 4 years, a few months ago the generator went over voltage, set usually at 240 volts 50 htz ,
    went to 320 volts
    i checked all connections and replaced the genset voltage regulator, and the fault still occurs intermittently
    any ideas where to look next

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    Re: high voltage on genset

    A single line diagram would be welcome to start to support from here

    Also a drawing or document showing load balance would be nice

    Is the load charge is varying /fluctuating during the charging of the 24 lead carbon batteries ?

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    Re: high voltage on genset

    Dealing with high voltage issues on a genset can be a real headache, huh? Been there, done that! When I had a similar problem, I reached out to a residential electrician who gave me some solid advice.
    They recommended checking out for more insights. Those folks really know their stuff when it comes to electrical troubleshooting.
    As for your situation, sounds like you've already taken some steps like replacing the voltage regulator, but the problem persists. Have you considered checking the condition of the batteries or any potential issues with the solar power system?

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