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    hi i hava another cell phone .but i want a sim, a go phone sim without buying the phone itself all i want is the go phone sim with go phone service but in a differant phone.

    does anyone i know know a place in where i can find these?sims????????

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    go to a AT&T direct/retail store and tell them that you have an AT&T phone that you want to get service on and see if they will sell you a SIM. Most indirect stores are not supplied with additional SIM cards

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    All SIM cards are paired with a cell phone. They do not sell them individually. If it has something to do with damaged or lost SIM card then call AT&T. Why do you need the extra SIM???

    NOTE: The SIM card is sort of the warrenty binded to the phone if you start mixing up SIM cards AT&T will allow it but it will void the warrenty and they probably will not help you at all if you call them for support.
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    CellDealer, do you do direct ATT? I have a go phone and was told that the SIMs are not compatible with phones other than those offered by ATT. Do you know if this is true or will any GSM phone work with an already active Go SIM card? I currently have an active Go card in my old school 3390 but have been looking at getting something with more PDA like features but i want to make sure it'll work before i blow a few hundred bucks on an incompatible phone :/
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