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    I found this in a different forum.

    From August 18th AT&T Wireless is increasing their call charge for 411 calls to $1.50 from the current $1.25. The July bill has this mentioned as notice. This is considered 'Change of Service Terms' - and here's how the AT&T service contract refers to it:

    Changes to Agreement or Service. We may amend the terms of this Agreement, including the Sales Information, upon advance notice provided to you in any manner we choose, including by notice contained with your invoice for the Service. In the event that we make such a change that has a material adverse impact on your rights or use of the Service, you may terminate the Agreement by giving us notice within 20 days of the date we notify you, and you will not be charged any cancellation fee. If you use the Service more than 20 days after we notify you of a change, you agree to that change.

    Stick on to the fact that you received the July invoice in mail only around the 25th of the month - that'll keep you within the 20 allowable days to conflict this change in service terms.

    Your bill should say something like this:
    The charge for AT&T wireless 411 info is increasing $.25. The new cost of $1.50/call will be effective 8/18/04. For more info about your rights and obligations, consult the terms and conditions in your subscriber agreement.

    This change is in violation of section 6 in the "DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES" and under section 14 in the "CHARGES AND BILLING" it states that directory assistance is included in the TOS and your monthly charges.

    Link to TOS agreement

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    So, if I got my bill on the 30th, I could cancel today???


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