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    I recently bought a phone off eBay that the previous owner used through
    cingular, it is not an unlocked phone or anything, just a regular cingular
    phone. (Sony Ericsson T237)

    I swapped SIM cards, everything works fine, including the internet, the
    only thing not working is AIM, the phone has it, I am signed up for the
    service, but it won't log me in.
    It gives me a "network error", so I tried a couple different AIM
    servers and all it did was sit there trying to log me in, however I did not
    get an actual error message after I changed the AIM network settings on
    the phone.

    I called cingular a few weeks ago about it and the woman on the phone
    was of almost no help at all (big suprise there), she said she would
    escalate my issue, which has (of course) gone unresolved, I thought
    maybe someone around here has it working, or maybe knows what the
    network settings should be for AIM.

    Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.


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    wishya luck

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