Raleigh, NC.
History... I use cellular for "emergency" contact.
Several years ago I signed up for a Cingular local plan with 150 minutes and free long distance ($25) using Ericsson CF888 (GSM-1900 + AMPS 800). The phone performs well. I got two plans/phones, one for spouse.

We have frequent trips back home to Indiana and the GSM did not work because they were GSM-850 (my hindsight). Analog Roaming worked well.

The Analog providers disapeared and I could not use the phone in Indiana anymore (2002).

But the main reason I needed Analog was my annual camping trip to very remote Virginia Kerr Lake, barely across the border into VA. The Ericsson Roamed to a tower 56 miles away (just barely). I was the only person in the campground with a working phone in May 2001-4.

Summer of 2002 I wanted to upgrade to a phone with working PC interface to the Address Book. I chose the Nokia 6340I and I upgraded my wife because it works with the Indiana GSM 850. Worked great.

When Cingular told me the upgrade would lose Analog service in NC because Sprint owned all the Analog in NC and SC and the phone models (including the 6340i) are blocked for Analog access at the tower level. I had to abort the upgrade for MY phone and I retained the Ericsson. (That means I did not buy another nokia and switch the EIN).

My 2004 camping trip verified the Ericsson Dual Mode phone continues to Analog Roam to a (competitor) tower 56 miiles away in VA.

2005 Camping Anticipation:
I picked up another Nokia 6340i from eBay and it is a cingular branded phone.
I put my Ericsson SIM in it, and it seems to be working fine in Raleigh, but I can't test the Analog here like I could with the Ericsson CF888.

I have not switched the EIN with cingular. The account still has the Ericson EIN.

Q. How can I tell if the 6340i Anlog is enabled without driving 90 miles to test it? Do I care since I can swithch the SIM back just for my Summer camping trip to gain Analog connectivity?

Q. Are there some other Nokia configuration settings I should check on?

Q. Any other information that might be usefull to this novice?


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