OKAY HERE"S THE DEAL I NEED MAJOR HELP....my parents have had a plan with AT&T, and the contract doesn't end till november, but they plan to get me a cell phone right now, so they want to add another line to their share plan. So they want to upgrade to either the cingular 900 minutes or the 1100 minutes. I want us all to get a camera phone from the websites that give really good deals on them. i wwas wondering if websites like letstalk.com intelewireless.com, or even amazon.com have the ability to deal with my situation. If i were to call them to order, would they be able to deal with upgrading my already existing account to get the upgrade, or do they just do new plans. I've been looking everywhere to find the answer...but it would make sense, since these websites are the same as vendors in the mall or something. but yeah, would i be able to upgrade my parents account to get the really good deals on the camera phones? a lot of help would be appreciated. if these websites can't do that, do u guys know one that can do a 3 phone share plan?

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