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    Whats a good cingular phone that is new?? i was thinkin on that new ericsson or the motorola MPx 220..please help me out!!

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    whatever you do, i'd recommend you stay away from the mpx220. in theory its a cool phone, but every single one i've had my hands on has had a serious problem . We've had quite a few that the 1+ megapixel camera didn't work at all (ie wouldn't save or every image was just diagonal lines). Then we had a couple that would not log onto the network at all, period. The ones that actually would log onto our network had horrendous reception. And then we've even had a couple that would not boot up past the motorola screen. Normally i'm very forgiving when a cell phone has random issues that seem like software, after all, i've owned a number of Moto's...but with this specific model it has literally been every single one i've seen come through our store that has had a seroius issue.

    If you wanna maybe post some more of what you are looking for in a phone, or whats important to you, I can try and help point you to the right phone.

    Hope this helps.

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    I can't say anything about the Motorola MPX, but don't waste your money on the Nokia 6230. I've had Nokia's for 6 years without any problems or complaints, but this one sucks. The screen is extremely dark, the ringer is very quiet any too many other things to list. I paid full retail ($300) because of a major mess up with Cingular's customer service, they credited me the 100 difference (at the time I purchased it, it was $199 online) but I wouldn't take it if it were offered for free. The Motorola V551 got great ratings on e-opinions.

    Good luck.

    By the way, if you haven't signed up for Cingular yet, I'd highly recommend ANY other company. My experience with this company (switched over in January after the AT&T merge) has been nothing but problems. Had I known then what I know now, I would have cancelled my AT&T plan when the merger happened.

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    My opinion only

    If you're looking for a phone specific to Cingular, you may consider the Motorola V551. It's a very efficient phone packed with useful features and tools, such as Bluetooth, camera, and video.

    I've done a review on the phone here if you'd like to read more about the V551.

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    U really think the Nokia 6230 is bad? Its comming 2 Tmobile and I had my heart set on it does any1 else have an oppinion?

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    the best phones out for cingular are probably the nokia 6620, the sony ericsson s710a, and the moto v551, aside from the treo's n such. the 6230 isnt really a bad phone, though it does have some major issues every once in a while
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    Any motorola from cingular is good, I like the V3 and the 551, the MPX is nice too.. DO NOT BUY A SONY

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