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    I just got my phone bill and found out there's one call
    from one of my family plan phone w/c my mom uses.
    This is a operator call done on 6/15 4:50pm and used up
    234 min. and costed me $105.00. I called up cingular
    to dispute it but the supervisor won't credit it back saying
    it's their policy and it's my problem and i have to pay for it.

    This is totally BS, they know the number was stollen or
    might be one of their employees using my number then charge
    it to me. I called back and spoke to another operator and
    she gave me 50% credit back which i took just to save money.
    This is totally frustrating, cingular has a BS policy, this happened
    to me before with a different company and they credited back
    all the call which is obviously stollen.

    Anyone had this problem before? How can i prove it wasn't my
    mom. She was working that time the phone call was made and
    who talks for 234 mins. at work right. Anyone can give an input.
    Anything will surely help right now. I'm so pissed with cingular!
    Time to look for a different company now.....

    See More: Bill problem....cingular won't credit back my money!
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    Nobody has a comment or same experience?

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