Hi there,
I just recently transferred over from my AT&T TDMA phone and got a LGC2000 as part of the family plan. We didn't get any bells and whistles in the plans, so I have a feeling I might be out of luck, but I was surprised that the only two games available on my cell phone were both only demos. Does that mean I can't play any games at all, even pairs or snakes without paying money? Also, there are a lot fewer ringtones in my phone then there were in my Nokia 2260, is that something else that I will have to pay for?

I was also wondering, the Cingular store rep told me that we can't even READ incoming text messages without paying extra, either on the monthly basis or per message we read. Is this true? On AT&T I could at least read all the messages for free, just couldn't send anything unless I paid.

And one last question, it is a technical question, part of the reason I switched over to Cingular from AT&T at this time is because my Nokia 2260 is on the fritz. For some odd reason, the "Menu", "Contacts", "Send", "End" and "Scroll Up" and "Scroll Down" keys at the top part of the phone are not responsive. The alphanumeric keys still work. It is really odd. The big problem is that the phone does not have a SIM card so I need to access my contact list in order to retrieve my contacts and manually input it into my new phone. However, since I can't get access to even view my contacts I am kind of stuck. Does anyone know what I can do? I have already taken apart the faceplate and removed the rubber button pad and pressed directly on to the contact board underneath, there is clicking as if there is contact, but no response still.

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