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    OK, I have a family plan with Cingular. We are on a two year contract with 1000 minutes, and are a little more than a year into the contract. We have 4 lines on our FamilyPlan. If only 2 people want to get off the contract, and the other 2 want to stay on, will I still get charged a cancellation fee? If so, is there any reason I could get out of it? Thanks!

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    There is an early termination fee of $175 per line applies if you remove lines from the share plan. The only way around the early termination fee is being the Cingular CEO's golfing buddy. Sorry, didn't mean to be funny. There are circumstances where they waive the fee, but that's not likely to happen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but keep checking this post and maybe someone with Cingular experience can tell you more specifics.

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    You could make 51% of your calls in roaming areas and wait for your cancelation letter.

    Or if you know someone that wants four lines, they could take over your plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roberts1953
    You could make 51% of your calls in roaming areas and wait for your cancelation letter.
    that's hilarious!

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    First off if you are over a year in your contract then you would only have to pay 10.00 per month that you have left in your contract. As far as getting out of it, that depends on how creative you can be...have you asked for many or any credits the past year?'s your paymnt much revenue do you gve them?...these are all things they will be looking at. although you hve a better chnce of getting it waived now than you did a month ago.

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    Re: Cingular Canceling Help!

    why dont u just try changing ur plan lol that way ur not paying as much as u would with all 4 ppl

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    Re: Cingular Canceling Help!

    Consider this: When you signed up, were you offered and did you take advantage of "free" phones? Termination fees allows them to recoup the loss from the revenue they expected to have over the life of the contract by the obligated contractees. "Free" phones are how they are pitched to the customer, subsidy phones are their true designation. Life 101 lesson here.
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    Re: Cingular Canceling Help!

    Yes thats correct.

    Termination fees are for "UNPAID PHONES" and therefore, you are paying the remaining balance of the phone.

    Cingular now only sell GSM and UMTS phones and are removing Digital phones away from the system when migrating to Cingular from AT&T Wireless.


    There are ways of bypassing the system IF you trade in your phone for a cheaper phone "IN-STORE"

    and then, paying the difference for the phone(s).

    Much cheaper way out of Cancelling

    Remember....Cingular uses GSM Phones and will be used on ANY SERVICE as long as you can identify the ISDN Number.

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