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    (Wasn't sure if this should go in Nokia or Cingular, as I'm not sure of the problem)

    I've had a Nokia 7610 for about a year now. It has been working fine until just about two weeks ago. I have Cingular as well.

    About two weeks ago my phone started "cutting out" while I was in the middle of a conversation.. It would stop transferring sound in the middle of a sentence (It would sound like the other person just hung up, dead silence) then after about 10 seconds I could talk again.. And the other person could hear me. It wasn't a big deal because it only happened every 30 minutes or so, and only on long phone calls (30+ min).

    Well a few days later it started to do it more often.. It would cut out after a few minutes, and do it every 30 seconds or so, making it nearly impossible to have a conversation.

    As of yesterday it just hangs up on the person after about 30 seconds of conversation. No matter who I'm talking to or whether it was an incoming or outgoing call, it just gets static like and hangs up after not even a minute of talking. And starting today, I have absolutely no signal, pretty much anywhere. I've been all around town, where normally I have full service everywhere, and NOTHING. I can not use my phone.. About once every 2 hours I get service for like a minute and get a bunch of text messages, then it all goes away again.

    I'm hoping the problem is with my Cingular SIM card, and not the phone. The phone was very expensive, and being only a year old it seems like such a waste to have to get a new one already.

    Does anyone know what could be the problem? Is it possible it might just be the SIM card, and I might just need a new one from Cingular?

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    Re: Lots of problems with Nokia 7610 and Cingular

    Do you have any friends/family on Cingular? Pop in their SIM to see if it works. If it does, I suspect your SIM is to blame. If it doesn't work, I'd guess it's your phone.

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    Re: Lots of problems with Nokia 7610 and Cingular

    I agree with nickel5, find someone with a cingular phone and swap sims. I suspect, however, that the phone itself is bad, given the history you presented.
    If you don't find someone, go to a cingular store and talk to them, see if they will swap sims for a test.

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    Re: Lots of problems with Nokia 7610 and Cingular

    It could be a bunch of things. Is your phone the regular 7610, or the 7610b? Also, do you power down your phone? If you turn it off, it refreshes the OS of the phone just like a computer. There are some things that you can do to troubleshoot. powering down is one. Another thing you can do is removing the battery while the phone is on, and leave it out for about 5 minutes. You can also do a master reset, just make sure that you make a backup of all your files. If all else fails, I'd consider calling both Nokia & Cingular.

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