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    I am still on my old AT&T contract and would like to stay on that plan after my contract expires in a month. I spoke with Cingular and they said I can stay on with the same terms month to month as the AT&T contract but if I lose my SIM card by some bad chance, my plan will automatically be cancelled and if I want to stay with Cingular I will have to get a new plan at a considerable $$$ increase for the same minutes as the old AT&T plan.
    Is there something Cingular is not telling me about this or is this totally true?
    Can I get a SIM card to use as a backup in case I lose the one I have?
    Appreciate any advice on this.

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    Re: Still on at&t GSM. What if I lose SIM card???

    I doubt it. Cingular is trying to make it as difficult as possible for customers to stay on the old plans.

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    Re: Still on at&t GSM. What if I lose SIM card???

    And besides, it's really hard to find an ATT SIM card. None of the Cingular stores that I know of still carry the Blue cards...already hard enough to find non 3g cards as it is.

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