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    Just got my Samsung A707 Sync goin and need to find a louder ring tone. I have a slight hearing problem. Now from my main menu it has Cingular mall with ring tones in there. Didn't go into it yet as I don't want to get charged for it. But,,,,,,,,,is there a charge for loading their tones? Also how tough is it to load my own ring tones in tones or music from the puter?

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    Re: Need a loud ring tone,,Cingular mall?

    the volume of the ringtone is controlled by the phone, not by the ringtone.
    The ringtones already on your phone will be as loud as you can get.
    As far as the Cingular mall goes, yes they charge you for the ringtones, but it
    is a nice way to get a ringtone that suits you. Or, if you can assign different ringtones to different people, a nice way of recognizing who is calling.

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