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    Switching to Cingular this weekend, and I plan to get the 8125 with an unlimited data plan.

    While I understand this allows me to use the internet connectivity on their network in an unlimited fashion...I have two questions relating:

    - What's the typical speed like?

    - Can you install third party applications like Windows Media Player or Winamp and feasibly listen to internet radio on the phone (by plugging in headphones or hooking it up to a car adapater)?

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    Re: Cingular 8125 Questions

    Speed is edge speed, faster than dial up, 2 or 4 times faster usually. But not really fast enough to listen to a radio program, I don't think. As far as third party apps go, look around the internet. One thing it does have is wifi, so if you can find a hotspot you might be able to do it there.

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