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    Hey all,

    I figure I can ask here and hopefully someone will have an answer for me.

    Cingular service. And it's a Samsung SGH-X497

    The problem is that I can't call anything.

    The reception appears to be great as signal strength is as high as it goes.

    I've turned the phone on and off multiple times. I've even taken the SIM card out and put it back in. Heck, I even drove a little ways in case there was something wrong with this specific cell phone tower.

    Still nothing.

    I try calling and it will act like its calling (but no ringing) and then di-di-doot "Call Failed"

    I've tried multiple different numbers including my voicemail as well.

    I know it's not been working for at least an hour and a half, and not sure exactly when today it stopped working.

    And I had a friend call it and it doesn't ring for them but eventually gives a high pitch sound followed by a "di-di-di". Although it sometimes alternates and goes straight through to voicemail.

    And now my phone has switched to giving me a "Your call can not be completed at this time, please try again - Message 6G3PK1".

    12:50, now it's just giving silence and "call failed" again.

    Anyone know what's going on??

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    Re: Cell Phone Not Making/Reveiving Calls

    Watched pot doesn't boil, right?

    Well, I went off and blogged a bit and now the phone's working fine.

    I'm still curious as heck what was going on though.

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    Re: Cell Phone Not Making/Reveiving Calls

    Probably had a brief network outage in your area.

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