I have a call forwarding base that I can put the phone on and it will forward my incoming cell phone calls to my land line phone number (at no minutes cost). It's great, when I am at the office, I put the phone on the base and all calls come to my office (no juggling of phones with multiple phones ringing at once). Plus, I only need one phone number. The problem is that Cingular is doing away with this. If you have the option on your current bill, they will continue to honor it, but new customers can't get it. My problem is my phone, a Motorola V551, is a piece of crap that is about to die. What other models of phones have this same feature and can use this same base? I understand that the port plug on the bottom of the phone will need to be the same and the phone must have the call forwarding feature. But, I don't know what model of phones have these two features.

Can anyone help.

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