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    I would like to sign up for an ATT family plan, but my parents are in MI, and I am in CA, and ATT told me that if a phone is used ?60% of time outside of the primary market, the FCC wants the phone cancelled. Will that happen? I want my parents to keep a local area code on their phone, and I would get a fresh CA number for my phone. My parents would only use 100 minutes per month, but it would all be in MI, and my minutes would be all CA.

    Is this okay, or will I get cancelled?



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    Re: Will FCC really cancel service?

    The Federal Communications Commission has nothing to do with cancelling individual wireless service. AT&T Mobility has conditions in its Wireless Terms of Service concerning roaming on another carrier's network more than the lesser of 750 minutes or 40% of your plan's anytime minutes. They count all use in adding up the offnet usage. Additionally, AT&T does not permit FamilyTalk plans with numbers in different markets. You could get a FamilyTalk plan for your parents and an individual plan for yourself to get a California number or you could live with a Michigan number on a FamilyTalk plan.
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