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Know how to unlock Huawei P20 to use with any gsm network worldwide, simple instructions and permanent unlock with 100% guaranteed.

Huawei P20 is one of the stylish high-end Smartphone with larger 5.8 inches Full HD IPS display and 1080 x 2244 pixels resolution. It is powered by Android 8.1 Huawei Emotion UI operating system and Octa-core 2360 MHz processor with system chip of HiSilicon Kirin 970 and 4 GB of RAM. It has a 128 GB of internal memory and lack of microSD card for storage expansion. There is a 12 megapixel, face detection autofocus dual LED Rear camera and 24 megapixel selfie camera. It is powered by Li-Po 3400 mAh non-removable battery.

If your Huawei P20 is locked with any specific carrier and you are not able to use it with other SIM card providers, most probably you want to unlock so you can use it with different SIM cards. If you boughtyour phone with networks like AT&T, T-Mobile etc. on a contract, then you phone is SIM locked with that network. Network service provider companies sell lockedphones because they want you to use only their services and not moved to other providers when their offers are come back. With the help of this tutorial you can easily unlock your phoneand use with any compatible GSM SIM card.

Permanent unlock solution for Huawei P20

If you are looking to unlock Huawei P20 with a very simple yet safest method, you can do it by using IMEI unlock code. Because they are very safe and easy to use. You can use them without any fear of damaging your device or void your warranty. Also it only takes couple of minutes to perform the whole unlocking process and you don’t even need any technical skills at all.

This is one time and permanent unlock solution for your phonelocked with any carrier. This unlock is compatible with any firmware and base band version. Once you have unlocked your phone successfully it remains unlocked even after firmware updates.

What are the benefits of unlocking my phone?

There are several benefits of unlocking your Huawei P20, few of them are…

  1. Unlock your phone from the comfort of your home.
  2. You can use your device with any compatible GSM SIM card worldwide
  3. If you are travelling abroad buy a Local SIM card and save on roaming fees.
  4. Increase the resell value of your device as it is available to more carriers.
  5. Your phone will be permanently unlocked even after firmware updates.
  6. No complicated software, technical knowledge or cables required.

How do I get the unlock code?

There are several online unlocking platforms you can use, choose the reliable one to make sure the code you receive is valid. Codes2unlock.com is one of the safest and trusted website which makes the whole process very easy & simple from purchasing an unlock code to unlocking your phone.Also you will get the lowest price and fastest turnaround time for your unlock code.

Get unlock code for Huawei P20

Unlocking procedure for Huawei P20

Once you received your unlock code, follow the steps given below…

  1. Insert another carrier SIM card and power on the phone.
  2. Once your phone prompts for "SIM Network Unlock Pin" or "Enter Unlock Code"
  3. Input the unlock code you received and press unlock button.
  4. Phonewill display the message “Network Unlock Successful”
  5. Your Huawei P20 is unlocked now!

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After you have successfully unlocked your Huawei P20 it is compatible with almost all popular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Rogers, Fido, EE, Vodafone etc. from the countries like USA, UK, Canada,Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, France, Korea etc.

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