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    peter a fish


    What is the best music programme for computers?
    Cakewalk or cubasics?
    I am new to computers so I need all the help I can get
    before I start spending money.
    P A Fysh

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    A step ahead of myself

    A lot of what you are going to want is going to depend on what (exactly) you are going to use it for...
    I use Cakewalk Pro 9 and Sonar (on occasion) -
    I use it to sequence backing tracks for multi-track recordings of Original compositions and Cover tunes - and also to edit midis I find online (in an attempt to make them sound less screwy)

    Tell us what you need this proggy to accomplish, and we can make some recommendations
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    peter a fish


    Thanx for your reply.At the moment I use a yamaha QY10,A very old 8 track sequencer and a casio ctk731 midi keyboard with
    a floppy disk drive.
    Both are midi but I use them independently of each other.I will be buying a computer in the next week or two.I I dont know what the music I will end up playing will be like,The stuff Im doing at the moment ranges from semi clasical to dance.
    The idea of musical cross overs appeals to me.
    Any ideas or help would be good.I used to use cubase and ATARI
    a few years ago and have noticed that it is still in use.I notice that most PCs dont have MIDI ports,Can you buy a device to add on Midi ports.
    As you can tell I am starting from the beginning so any pointers would be helpful Thanx
    P A FISH

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    I would go for Sonar -I have used both Steinberg Cubase and Sonar and since you're a beginner you will find Sonar easier to get to grips with.
    Sonar can produce equally good results once mastered although some of the higher-end midi sequencing features are missing from Sonar.
    With Sonar 2 the package is getting more professional whilst still employing an easy to use interface and straight forward ways of doing things.

    Thats my opinion at least

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    and for thoes of us who are completely new to it... where by chance would i fing the programs?
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