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    Re: Where's my PC Gamers?

    good game !!!

    See More: Where's my PC Gamers?

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    Re: Where's my PC Gamers?

    Here i am my friend!
    Some of my Favorite games are:

    Half Life
    Half Life 2 Series
    Counter Strike
    Unreal Tournament
    and many more coming...

    But seriously, i think that, if you haven't played a game in its full specifications, then you have played nothing!

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    Re: Where's my PC Gamers?

    A long time ago my co-workers and I would stay after work a bit and blow off some steam in multiplayer games like Descent 2 and the original Unreal Tournament.

    Well, I'd like to give them the smackdown again... but am not up to speed on current games.

    Can you recommend a good FPS or anything that would be fun for 4-5 people to play? Preferably it would run on both PC and Mac. The slowest computer it would run on would probably be a Mac Pro with 7300 video card.

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    Re: Where's my PC Gamers?

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