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    I can't find any help on the AIM FAQ or any contact info where I could get help. This is my problem:

    I want to set up IM forwarding to my mobile. I went into my AIM and went to settings > mobile. Then entered my number, got a text, put in the confirmation #, and clicked confirm. Then it just was forever loading (over 5 min). Then I got a popup to upgrade my AIM to 6.8. I thought maybe that's why I'm having problems. So AIM shut down and I upgraded. Tried it again, and the "mobile" tab wouldn't load. So I just closed it and thought, I'll do it through mobile.aol.com

    But that site is so confusing.. I saw the link on their blog that tells you how to do so, and the link takes me to a page where I cannot enter any info or see any buttons regarding 'registration' of the phone.

    Now whenever I try to access the "mobile" tab through AIM settings, it sends me to mobile.aol.com inside the little box.

    I uninstalled AIM and reinstalled it, to no avail.

    Anybody have any tips I can try?

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    Re: Help with AIM mobile (registering phone)

    Which phone are you trying to set this up on? And are you downloading the AIM app for you phone?
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    Re: Help with AIM mobile (registering phone)

    i have a helio fin. 3 months ago i used aim mobile and it was working fine for 2 months. then my aim mobile stopped working( cant send or receive text), but i was still on aim mobile when i logged on another screen name tried texting my aim mobile screen name but my phone never received the text. i tried to re-register for aim mobile again but the confirmation number never gets texted into my phone...

    i called helio support and they said that "aim mobile isn't compatible with your phone"... and thats bs cause that person didnt know what AIM was ... so ill rather ask online. i googled if anyone else had this problem but nobody does... its like aim blocked helio or helio blocked aim texting services... does anyone know whats wrong?

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    Re: Help with AIM mobile (registering phone)

    U can try to logged into text number which is 246246

    Type the message in the body: type the word 'login' space type your screen name space then type your password. After u done that. Now sent it. U will able to see the command list were sending u the same number to reply So type short "bl" stands for buddy list then send it. Let me know if this working for you guys.
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