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    Hello i am wondering if there is an App i can secretly put on my son Ipad that will let me see what he is doing on his ipad. I have caught him with drugs and i dont play with that stuff. I want to let him hold on to his ipad so i can see what he is up to and bust his ass. I hate being lied to and i just have a hutch that he is still doing Bad. After searching so much online, i have got some like mac keylogger and mac spy, seems great. But i am not sure if they can be used on ipad..........So please let me know where to find a keylogger for ipad, thanks.

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    Re: Monitoring software or spy app for ipad

    Yeah i will suggest you to use remote phone spying software which is the best way to spy on your son's phone without knowing him and you will be able to keep eye on your son's activity where he has been and what he doing?

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    Re: Monitoring software or spy app for ipad

    remote phone spying software is not working correctly in ipad........ if you really want to trace your son then you should use spy software for ipad.... its really worth....
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