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    How can I create a website if I am not good at coding?

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    Re: Create a website

    There are free website tools that can help you with that like blogger or weebly i think. Google it.

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    Re: Create a website

    Hello! I guess, you can make such a website with the help of Wordpress of Joomla. You can just get a template for it, for example from templatemonster website and fill it with your content. It is quite easy!
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    Re: Create a website

    Hello! Word Press is good choice for website.

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    Re: Create a website

    You can easily create a website with any free website builder and templates for it like those on http://www.webstarts.com website. It is very easy really, just take a template and customise it. Though I agree that WordPrees is a good option too. Choose what you like more
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    Jeremy S
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    Re: Create a website

    You can create any website that you like, without having to know how to code at all - and you don't need to use some crappy "website builder" like Wix or Weebly that only allows you to make set templates, which is what most beginners get caught up doing.

    I've done an extensive tutorial on how to a build a premium first website worth over $3500 over at my blog right here: massive-tuts.com/howto-build-wordpress-website-2016/

    In a few hours you'll have a website up and running, looking however you want it to look with no skills needed, and it'll be worth a few thousand dollars which is money saved as opposed to paying someone else to do the same thing.

    I'll show you what website we will build together step-by-step in the first 2 mins of the video tutorial and you can decide whether you would like to continue on with the tutorial. I can tell you that I've been building websites for a long time, and this is how you should be building your websites, especially if you've never built a website before.

    No limitations as to what you can do, and it's easy for a beginner.

    Also to let you know that I've done this tutorial to help others, so if you follow along and need any help you can leave me a comment on Youtube or over at my blog

    Hope it helps, Jeremy

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