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    As the title suggests I think I need a new GPU not that the old one - a Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 is not functioning - more that it is noisy and no it isn't running hot I have checked (48C on idle).

    So I would like to swap it out and use an Asus Expedition GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 as I also prefer NVidia to AMD stuff plus it is a fair bit smaller than the monster (as above) my son installed when he built this machine.

    Now my knowledge of GPU's extends to knowing that more memory is better and the type of memory is better at DDR5 than the DDR3. Now I also see that while both are DDR5 memory the Asus has more and the engine clock speed is just about double the Saphirre card's engine.

    That is it as to what I know about GPU's so can anyone please advise on which one to go with as I really am happy with the Saphirre except for the noise and again I don't think it is down to heat or the fan going south I think it is generally noisy fan and therefore card.

    I should add I don't game (my son used to) and the price for the Asus is great value right now.

    Edit the machine specs are not listed at the bottom but it is based around an AMD Phenom II 1090T

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    Re: New GPU advice needed

    Not bad processor, even for today's performance. The main thing is for the videocard to work well with old AMD processor. And then its potential will be fully disclosed. I think that should not be any problems with 1050. Another question is that it is overvalued now. The period of the dominance of miners in the videocard market has already gone a long way, but prices have not fallen much. It's good that I have not deal with this topic for a long time and only exchange currency on the from different cryptoexchanges. I'd rather try 1060 right away.
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    Re: New GPU advice needed

    Hey guys,
    Need lightning protection for a single PC/Printer setup.
    Any suggestions or comments. My friends suggested me to contact is there anybody who already worked with them? I heard many positive comments about their work but want to be sure before ordering their service. Thank you all.

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