Situations where data is accidentally deleted on a Mac or lost due to hard drive formatting or corruption create extensive panic. The common misconception is that deleted file is permanently gone; however, this assumption is quite wrong. Only the address of the file is removed by the operating system from the address table. This means that the file still resides on your hard drive. The information is retrievable as long as the drive has not yet overwritten and you have a handy recovery tool ready.

First, stop working on your Mac to avoid data overwrites. Every change made on the hard drive is a potential overwrite. Second, use a reliable utility for Mac file recovery. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Retrieval software is an easy to install application for retrieving lost or deleted files. After the utility has been installed, you are now ready to begin salvaging files on your Mac.

As detailed in the linked tutorial, these four steps will get you exactly where you need to be:

  1. Configure the recovery.
  2. Scan the volume.
  3. Choose the files to salvage.
  4. Sit back while the utility does the rest.

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