People are working with major network projects and installing networking cables as their boss asked him or as they have been installing traditionally.
Actually, we have got some questions from our customers and installer that how we can choose the best cable for our job?
So, the simple answer as many others said, Sir its depends on your demand and companies tried their best to grab the heavy amount with selling their expensive products or that product that they haven’t been sell for years. Did they try to sell garbage? unwanted products?
This is the problem.
Some buyers are thinking that this product is expensive than that, definitely this product which I have to buy.
Finally, you purchase on your own risk.
Here we will discuss some major information about the Networking cables like Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A also with Plenum, Riser, and PVC cables.
Oh, where we are going? Out of the topic?
No problem, products knowledge is as necessary as your job.
Nowadays, the big question is which one?
Cat5e or cat6?
Installers are installing as usual or traditionally Cat5e cables because Cat5e is more flexible than Cat6 cables. Cat5e is easy to use to bend in a tight area or easier to pull within walls like for starters because they have always used. Also, cat5e is less expensive because its diameter is small. But cat5e has 350MHz bandwidth and Cat6 is perfect where bandwidth is preferred and important, you know applications are being traveled over the network. 4 years ago, installers preferred Cat5e for long runs and 60% of any bigger or small project. But now have been transferred to Cat6 plenum for better results. Cat6 networking cables have thick diameter than Cat5e and somewhere seems harder to move during installation but it has more features than an older one.
For 100MBPs system Cat5e is Ok but where data required GB, you will get this result in Cat6 or enhance Cat6. Because the choice of network cable also revolves around the data rate consideration.
Cat5 used for years in HDMI transmission, but it is limited distance working between 100 feet to 200 feet for 1080p for any cable type.
Now, the knowledge of products.
CMP Plenum rated cable is used for plenum areas. There are two types of plenum areas. Ceiling cavity plenum and Raised Floor plenum. These ate the spaces that can handle non-duct air return back to the HVAC system. For these types of spaces, rated for low smoke or low flame-spread generation.
CMR Riser one is used for Riser applications, riser cables is designed to travel floor to floor but not any plenum space.
Anyway, you are using which one cable but please use the appropriate accessory with that cable, because correct connectors are cable transmission is key to ensuring tool will work properly and perfectly. If you are going to use shielded cable, make sure that you are using with appropriately shielded connectors.

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