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    For most of us, an external hard drive serves as a backup for important files, photos, and other items. But even if every precaution is taken, mishaps may still occur to cause important data files to be lost, erased, corrupted, or accidentally removed. While it is common to presume that these devastating results are permanent, they are actually reversible if you act quickly and use a reliable tool for external hard disk recovery on a Macintosh.

    Stellar Mac Data Retrieval offers a user-friendly option for restoring an entire external drive or several files. With this tool, it is a simple job to get your data back and rest easy. A Mac Data Recovery utility is able to retrieve files from an external hard disk that has been connected to your computer.

    Read More Here to see how simple it can be to perform exterior hard drive retrieval on a Mac. Simply complete the following steps to salvage your files:

    1. Select the external drive for scanning.
    2. Choose a recovery type and scan the drive.
    3. Pick the files you want to retrieve.
    4. Configure a save directory for retrieval.

    With Stellar Mac Data Recovery, you can easily restore an entire external hard disk or specific files to your Macintosh computer. All you have to do is complete the steps described above.

    See More: External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

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    Re: External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

    I used an external hard drive as additional file storage on a Windows laptop. So when I accidentally deleted a folder with some files, I used Partition Recovery to restore them. This is a good alternative solution for this situation.

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    Re: External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

    Thanks for this information, friend, but now I don't understand how to recover files that have been deleted from the trash? Could you give me some advice?

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