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    Looking to start working as self employed but i need to get finances setup and ready to go. My accountant has given some suggestions of what to try but of course told me its up to me to do some research. I dont think the big name brands are best for starting out, i dont want to get overwhelmed, especially when i still dont fully know what i need or want. Do people have any suggestions from personal experience?

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    Re: Best accounting/invoicing apps for pc/mobile

    I advise you to start any such business by analyzing your competitors. Pay attention to Bookkeeping Services for Small Business. Begin by pinpointing the specific accounting issue you're facing. Is it related to financial statements, tax compliance, cash flow management, or something else entirely? Understanding the problem's nature is crucial. Carefully review all financial transactions, entries, and accounts associated with the problem. Check for errors, discrepancies, or irregularities that might be causing the issue.

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