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    Hi guys. I would like to know more about how does nearshore outsourcing work?

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    Re: How does nearshore outsourcing work?

    Nearshore software outsourcing is a method of outsourcing your software development project to your neighboring countries. For instance, if you’re residing in the US, the nearshore countries are Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica and so on. The reason behind choosing nearshore is to slash the cost of the project and finish it efficiently. As the timeline remains almost the same, the communication becomes effortless between the team and you

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    Re: How does nearshore outsourcing work?

    Hello! This is quite an interesting topic, and it is important to understand it now if you want to create a quality digital product. I have a helpful article that teaches you more about nearshore outsourcing and how to master it. Here you can also learn about the advantages of this model and even get to know the experience of the TechMagic team in using offshore outsourcing. Personally, it helped me finally understand how it works.

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    Re: How does nearshore outsourcing work?

    Hello. When building a business, it is important to keep an eye on security and validate the software that is already in use in your business. This helps you get an idea of what you already have at your disposal, or may even raise some questions for you. For example, how secure are your videoconferencing technologies?
    Write down all the communication apps and programs your company uses and review them - how do they keep your data safe, what security measures do they have and if they have any features you can use to increase their security and for these purposes you can use corporate communication software . It may seem tedious, but until you know what you have, you won't be able to improve it.

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    Re: How does nearshore outsourcing work?

    When a firm is unable to perform some important business processes independently, it makes sense to turn to outsourced tech support staff. Actually, you may benefit from the smartest contact center outsourcing solutions that are delivered competently based on your specific needs.

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