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    I do an audio cd of mp3s, and toward the end of the disc, the songs get garbled on some cd players. My mega-storage Sony CD player plays it all the way through, but my car cd player and my girlfriend's stereo both make it garbled...very frustrating problem. I'm gonna try new CDRs but I'm mystified.

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    yes i usually get that, but only when my cd is getting old, or has been in the sun for a while. the problem is that the last few tracks of the cd lie on the outside, so it's harder for your cd player to read them. they're the first ones to get trashed when a cd goes bad. yes best advice is to burn at slower speeds or buy higher quality cdrs. the cheap no-name brands never last more than 5 years anyway, so i never trust my percious data or music to them

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    just buy good cdr and should be ok.

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    I got something similar a while ago, it was a 'ticking' on the last few songs of every disk, I have to disagree about the "outer portion of the disk" theory because I record mp3's onto a cd to record onto mini disk so sometimes I use a disk for 3 or 4 songs.

    All i can say is to reinstall your burning software, easy cd creator 5 is the one i have problems with, would be interesting to know what you're using m8

    Never had any probs with clone cd, Nero, cdr win or hotburn.

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