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It was bound to happen. Someone has been collecting the habits of those who take photos with their iPhones. The people who made the "Photo Stats" app for the Apple smartphone are sharing what they have found. From no less than 1,307,857 photos, the app has been faithfully recording what time, where, what countries and so forth that iPhone users are snapping pictures.

Now that mobile apps are getting smarter along with their smartphones, the end result is some interesting data caches. The Photo Stats app is not a free app. It costs all of a dollar though, so it has been fairly popular. It tracks a number of things. The main things it tracks are the the numbers of photos taken on specific dates and the time of day when those photos are taken. The GPS location of all the photos is a side option that the creators have recently shared with the web. All of them together paint an intriguing picture from all the iPhones in the world that have downloaded this particular app.

Not all of those who use this iPhone app enabled the location feature. A little less than half enabled the location, which still provides for a wide open view of where in the world people are using their iPhones to take pictures. The most popular place is Europe. The United States came in second, then Asia, South America, Australia and finally Africa. The most popular towns for iPhone photos is New York and Paris, France. Believe it or not, the Photo Stats even show the average photo size of all those 1.3 million photos. If you wondered, it is 1.77 megabytes. If you remember the size in megabytes of the old "floppy disks", the average iPhone shot takes up more space than that.

Other notable bits of mobile habitual data include the average time of day when all those photos are being taken. The most prominent time of day for an iPhone to take a picture is at four in the afternoon. Much of these results were taken last year and they even show what day of the month of September was the most popular. For some reason that date was September 17, 2011. The basic reason for all this information is to inform the user how they are performing with their photographic abilities. The app is able to create an "infographic" of all their activities, which is a real eye-opener. All the places the phone took a picture, the times and more are shown with something called "EXIF metadata". That is the code inside any of the taken photographs.

The information above may sound boring by itself, but once you add them all together you can get a detailed "picture" of what is happening with iPhones in the world. You can say that in New York City at around four in the afteroon just after the middle of the month you will be seeing people taking a photo with their iPhone. Paris would be the second city in the world to see this happen at the same time. Exif data is not so boring after all.

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  1. Mikelos's Avatar
    Mikelos -
    I would bet September 17th is the most popular day because that was the day the OWS protests started.

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