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Apple has put forth the new update to their iOS operating system and it looks headed to iPhones in short order. For those who have an unlocked smartphone, the update is not going to affect you. The update reflects some work on bugs that are always in major software. The iPad was also the target of this work, with a fixed bug that prevented the tablet from crossing over from 2G to 3G networks.

The biggest piece of work on the updated iOS platform seems to be for the camera of the smartphone. The update to 5.1.1 will improve the reliability of the camera while taking a shot when the iPhone is locked. Video playback was also addressed. The "Airplay" video feature had its problems addressed. The Safari browser was improved to be able to synchronize more easily with the "reading list" included in the navigator. The reading list option allows the user to save articles they like. The "iCloud" Apple service keeps them handy on the web for reading later. A problem with payments was also addressed for those who use their mobile to purchase items. Some even say the battery lasts longer with the 5.1.1 update.

There are some who are wary of updating their jailbroken iPhones because of a fear of losing their prior work. But for those who have installed the latest release of RedSn0w, there is no danger of losing their jailbreak status. MuscleNerd, a famous iOS programmer, has confirmed that the 5.1.1 release will not "unjailbreak" the iPhone, but some maintenance will be required. The tools to keep the jailbreak up to date are on line from "Redmond Pie". The RedSn0w tool is also linked from them.

Otherwise, the 5.1.1 update is arriving now over the air to iPhones and other iOS devices. It is 54.4 megabytes in size for those who had updated to version 5.1. The users who had an older version, before 5.1, will be getting a much larger download, around 189 megabytes. To get the download started go to the iPhone menu under "General" and then tap on "Software Update". This will start your update over the air. If you want to wait until the next time you access iTunes, that will work as well. The download is free.
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