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During the past few months the blogosphere has been assaulted by rumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 5, not only because there are many Apple enthusiasts out there but also because it was said that once the next-gen iPhone hits the market it will put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame. We don't know if that will actually be the case since the Galaxy S3 managed to surpass Apple's sales figures in the US roughly a couple of weeks ago, but regardless, every tech enthusiasts is eager to learn more about the iPhone 5.

Fortunately the digging for clues and leaks is now over because the company has finally unveiled their upcoming flagship handset.

As expected the new iPhone 5 comes with a larger screen, but not large enough to drive previous iPhone owners away. The upcoming handset will sport a 4 inch widescreen display boasting a resolution of 640 x 1136 and Apple claims that the new panel delivers a 44% improvement in color saturation when compared with the iPhone 4S.

Once again, as previously speculated by many, Apple has finally made its first steps into the LTE market and the iPhone 5 will be the company's first LTE-enabled smartphone.

The new model has been built from aluminum and glass; it's the thinnest and lightest iPhone to date and packs an A6 CPU that is supposedly twice as fast as the previously used A5 processor. It also packs an 8MP camera on the back featuring five-element lens with sapphire crystal and according to Apple, photo taking should be 40% faster than on the previous model.

Software updates have also been made and current iOS6 apps are currently updated in order to match the widescreen form-factor. Siri received its own share of enhancements, Safari will now offer fullscreen mode and Maps now offers 3D imagery.

In terms of storage the iPhone 5 will not be available in the 8 GB flavor but instead it will come with 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. Prices will vary from $199 to $299 and $399 respectively, depending on the variant. You'll be able to pre-order the handset starting with Friday, September 14th and the expected shipping date is September 21st.

Overall, the iPhone 5 is a step-up from the 4S and it's definitely faster than its predecessor, but it's nothing more than we've already expected.

Source: Apple
Via: Pocket Now
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  1. jery61007's Avatar
    jery61007 -
    the device is not soo impressive. the device doesn't even feature NFC when will Apple integrate this all ...??there are no microSD or USB features that most high-end devices offer. the only thing that keeps the device high in the market is its name "Apple" !

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  1. cursor system's Avatar
    cursor system -
    Apple has done good job on iphone 5 but I don't think it can bring Samsung galaxy down.
  1. Hanni's Avatar
    Hanni -
    Text automatically translated from: German to: English
    Apple and Samsung are currently apparently erzfeinde which nevertheless to obtain products from each other. Not so quite understandable why.
  1. Cousin Fran's Avatar
    Cousin Fran -
    Finally, Apple revealed its phone. Larger screen than the previous version. I am planning to buy it.
  1. mankindh8r's Avatar
    mankindh8r -
    when it will get to Russia
  1. LittleRaabe92's Avatar
    LittleRaabe92 -
    its so beautiful!
  1. buyapplestore's Avatar
    buyapplestore -
    hii DustenRust! Hey I am really excited for iPhone 5. Its look is thin, light in weight and faster in terms of performance. One can also opt for the beautiful covers and cases for iPhone, to prevent scratches & cracks.
  1. boin's Avatar
    boin -
    мне не понравился. есть достойнее телефоны. За такие то деньги
  1. sgbhat's Avatar
    sgbhat -
    It looks good
  1. altiuscart's Avatar
    altiuscart -
    Great invention
  1. altiuscart's Avatar
    altiuscart -
    Altiuscart.com makes your shopping easier and smarter. We create a virtual platform for buyers and sellers to market and purchase products and services in an open market. It’s a shopping paradise for all those savvy shoppers. You can find various brands and brand outlets that suit every need of you.
  1. torrado's Avatar
    torrado -
    May GOD rest soul of Steve Jobes in peace. Although he has passes but he is still in our lifes in form of iphone, macbook, ipod
  1. AllahDitta's Avatar
    AllahDitta -
    iphone 5 in the over all a good phone, have the world wide feature. But when we see the next one model then it goes to room of space of nex.t. one.... i-e io6
  1. jatidam's Avatar
    jatidam -
    Quote Originally Posted by jery61007 View Post
    the device is not soo impressive. the device doesn't even feature NFC when will Apple integrate this all ...??there are no microSD or USB features that most high-end devices offer. the only thing that keeps the device high in the market is its name "Apple" !
    blbosti, sama somarina
  1. jatidam's Avatar
    jatidam -
    Quote Originally Posted by sophycute View Post
    woots i also wanne get one
    taku šopu by som nechcel
  1. AllahDitta's Avatar
    AllahDitta -
    outstanding specially for usa the no 1 brand for usa nd other many part of the world. well done Apple
  1. iphone6's Avatar
    iphone6 -
    iPhone 5 is high quality but the price is expensive too. so many people would like to choice other brand phone, for example, samsung phone! I was doing...
  1. xtianfriborg13's Avatar
    xtianfriborg13 -
    I heard that it has the specs almost the same with iPhone 4S so I guess it's not worth buying?
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