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In the age of copyrights and mobile patents, it would seem that developers would not be doing this. But during the recent Research In Motion event down in Florida, a few new ideas were bantered around. One was a virtual keyboard that turns out to be very smart. It got the strange name of "Octopus". It can predict what a user wants to type. A Cydia programmer must have been watching the event, or had the idea first, because now the same type of virtual keyboard is available on iOS, but only on a jailbroken iPhone.

The upcoming Octopus keyboard can amplify a user's ability to type out messages. It does so by moving around the letters into places the typer usually uses. It learns the typing habits and also presents words to the user to use in their message. For example, if a person mistakenly types in the letter "R" where the "E" usually is in a word, the smart Octopus keyboard will go ahead and switch the letters on the screen. The screen will adapt to how a person usually types.

The Cydia version of the Blackberry 10 creation is a blatant rip-off of a good idea. But Cydia is not a conventional platform, it is made for those who want to use an iPhone, but not have the constraints of the Apple company. It completely replaces the iOS mobile operating system. But the Cydia version of the Octopus keyboard is not a replacement, it is a clone. For those who believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this must be another one of those events. The clone is still in beta at the moment, but will end up being a free app for Apple devices.

Blackberry has years of experience with texting on their smartphones. The legendary texting abilities of former Blackberry software versions were favorites. Now we have an advancement with even more abilities. The new version learns new words as the user types. The word is then placed near where the person is typing, and can be flicked, or swiped, into position in the message. The real Octopus version, like the clone, is still in beta. It can not handle things like automatic punctuation or capitalization yet. Blackberry users will be enjoying this soon on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The Apple crowd will need to jailbreak their handsets to use the software because it is for sure that Apple will not approve it.
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