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The next edition of the Blackberry Curve, the 9320, has been unleashed on the world. It is similar to the 9220, but has a little more features included inside, including longer battery life and 3G use. The 9320 is the same "over and under" format that Blackberry lovers have come to be accustomed to over the years. The handset is not yet running BB10, but it is sporting version OS 7.1.

The first thing to think about with the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is how you will be interacting with the handset. The screen resolution is not something to brag about. At the same time, this smartphone is not going to be breaking the bank, either. It would be good as a starter phone for the kids, but not something for a seasoned power smartphone user. The tiny 2.44 inch screen is not a touch screen. It is endowed with a modest 320 by 240 pixels of power. The strong point about interacting with the 9320 will be the menu button just to the left of the track pad. It is convenient for bringing up the more common elements of the handset.

Taking a look at the hardware, there is the typical entry-level equipment. Internal memory is set at 512 megabytes and the RAM is at the same level. Thankfully, there is a slot for a flash card that can handle up to 32 gigabytes of data. A bluetooth radio is included of course, but it operates at the 2.1 level. Bluetooth is now in version 4.0, but again, this smartphone is not meant to impress the tech heads of the world. The Wi-Fi radio is equipped to handle all the present modes, up to the "N" mode. The Wi-Fi can be shared making this smartphone a hotspot for peripheral devices. The top speed of the other radios, such as the 3G HSDPA, is 7.2 mega bits per second. A MicroUSB port is thrown in for data connections.

The OS 7.1 mobile operating system is the latest creation from Research In Motion. It is boasting a new feature called "Blackberry Tag". This is an NFC ( Near Field Communication ) feature that allows data to pass from the Blackberry Curve 9320 to other devices nearby. Contacts can be traded, the smartphone can be synchronized with other accessories, and perhaps even mobile payments can be accomplished. The mobile payments feature has not yet been officially authorized. Some of the changes include things like changing the color of the chat bubbles. The personal profiles can now include more information about the user. The mapping app includes offers from local businesses. The universal search box will be including searches sponsored by Bing, from Microsoft.

The battery in the Curve 9320 is the same size as the 9220 but for some reason it lasts longer for the 9320. It is sized at 1450 mAh and will give up to seven hours of talk time, which is above average for many smartphones. If the smartphone is used for music, the battery will last for up to 30 hours of play. The exterior colors available are limited to basic black. The price for the handset is 135 pounds ( $215 dollars ) and it will come with the ability to download special apps to make it more valuable. This is released in some areas, such as South America, but will not be available in India until later.
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  1. Sajjad Rahman's Avatar
    Sajjad Rahman -
    A great device indeed, but I think the Blackberry 9900 is better than the 9320.

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  1. simonsmith's Avatar
    simonsmith -
    This phone app's and OS 7.1 mobile operating system is the great creation from Research In Motion.
  1. Cousin Fran's Avatar
    Cousin Fran -
    According to me, Curve 9320 is better than any other model because it is so light to carry. You will not even feel that you are carrying something.
  1. navneetkaur's Avatar
    navneetkaur -
    Great this device is better than Blackberry 9320 is better than other model. It is easy to carry because it is so light. This phone app's is better. And OS 7.1 mobile operating system is the great creation from RIM.Internal memory is set at 512 megabytes and the RAM is at the same level.It is great to use the Wi-Fi radio is handle all the present modes. This is a great smartphone.
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