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Earlier this year BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) has made a comeback on the mobile market. Back in January, the company has unveiled its new mobile operating system – BlackBerry 10 OS- and has also revealed a couple of brand new smartphones that would accommodate this new platform: the full-touch Z10 and the QWERTY Q10.

At this point in time, both the Z10 and Q10 represent BlackBerry's flagship smartphones, but to be honest, these gadgets –although attractive, interesting and decently-equipped- are not really packing the necessary punch in order to make an impact in the Android high end market. Fortunately though, BlackBerry is working on launching at least one more flagship by the end of the year, a gadget that is supposed to be "the most powerful Berry ever" – at least according to the company's CEO Thorsten Heins.

So what can we expect from this gadget anyway? Well, currently, the device is known under the codenames Aristo or BlackBerry A10. The device delivers a full-touch experience, and the overall design resembles the one of the Z10 - if we're to have faith in the authenticity of these leaks. This bit of detail has been revealed through a series of images that have been recently leaked on the blogosphere. The images you see above and below allegedly represent the front and back panel of the handset.

The fact that the back panel features AT&T's logo is quite noteworthy as well, and rumor has it that the A10 will also go on sale in the States via Sprint.

As for the handset's hardware specs, well, it's somewhat of a step-up from the ongoing Z10, but not by a whole lot. Word on the street is that the A10 / Aristo features a 5 inch display (and that can be somewhat confirmed by the video below), but unfortunately there's no 1080p resolution to gaze upon. According to the rumors, the screen's pixel count will remain 720 x 1280, same as on the Z10. Additionally, the package will supposedly be powered by a dual-core processor, so overall, it's kind of what you'd get from a mid-range Android smartphone. It's pretty much missing that "wow" factor that you normally get from a brand new flagship device.

In any case, judging by the latest rumors, the BlackBerry A10 should hit the market sometime in November. Would anyone be interested in buying this gadget?

Source: tihnte.te (translated) / BGR
Via: Pocket Now / Phone Arena
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    Well, if we talk about blackberry, Z10 was not surprises the blackberry lovers. Let’s see the Blackberry A10 and its features.

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