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As most mobile enthusiasts should be aware of, BlackBerry Messenger was supposed to go live on both the Apple Store and the Android Play Store sometime by the end of the summer. That, it did. BBM has been launched briefly on both iOS and Android several weeks ago, but due to serious technical issues, the application has been pulled, shortly after its released. Assuming that you don't know the full story, the short version is that, an unofficial BlackBerry Messenger application has popped-up online at the same time as the official application. The unofficial release has flooded the system, and BlackBerry was forced to pull the plug. The official app has been removed from both the Apple Store and the Play Store, and BB has announced that the developers are working around the clock to fix these issues, and re-launch the app in a timely manner.

That time is apparently upon us, as BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben has recently made an announcement, informing BBM enthusiasts that the application should become available for both iOS and Android "in days". While no exact date has been unveiled, hopefully the app will go live by the end of the week.

Frank Boulben has also mentioned that the issues that have caused all the drama during the original launch of the service, have been fixed, and that we shouldn't face these types of difficulties again. Basically, unofficial, older BBM versions will theoretically be blocked from the system from now on.

In his open letter, Boulben has also mentioned that BlackBerry wishes its customers to know that they can still count on the company, and that BB is here to stay.

Evidently, the biggest question at this point is whether or not people will still be interested in downloading BBM on their iOS and Android devices. I personally encourage any enthusiast of the service to give the app a try, and not let the previous issues to prevent them from enjoying the BBM experience once it goes live for good.

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Via: Android Central
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  1. edwinjarvis's Avatar
    edwinjarvis -
    Eagerly waiting for it..............!

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  1. vakafx's Avatar
    vakafx -
    It is something very wonderful
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